Accept Electronic Signature Online

Fingertip is all that is needed to sign

It is a simple to use, yet powerful, tool that helps business owners accept customer signatures through your website or online asset. If you answer YES to one of the following questions, then this tool is for you.

  • Do you require customer signatures before you commit to a project or job, such as your quote acceptance by your customers?
  • Do you require signatures to validate any transaction or task completion?

Our electronic signature tool works on all mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. On touchscreen mobile devices, people can just use their fingertip to sign their signature. On desktop computers a mouse will do just fine job.

How Does it Work?

It can be configured anyway you like and integrated to any webpage. For example, people can sign the dotted line on your website and submit it as if it was just a regular online form. It can capture the signature and save it as a permanent record in your database. The signed document can also be emailed to any designated recipients.

Please note that any customizations like these require additional programming.


Key Features

Completely Automated Way of Obtaining Signatures

Add to your daily business routine a convenieince of obtaining customer signatures electronically.

100% mobile friendly.
On desktop computers a mouse can be used to sign signatures.
Signatures are stored as an encoded text in the database as a permanent record.
Signatures can be saved as image files and be included in emails.
Multiple signatures can be obtained on the same document.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it something we can pay for, download and install ourselves?

No. Depending on your exact requirements and purpose of collecting signatures online, this tool requires some customization in order to integrate it into your existing website or applciation. We will be happy to do those customizations. Or we can also build a brand new webpage or application that collects signatures for your use from scratch.

Can we collect more than one signatures on the same page?

Yes. For example, a BUYER and SELLER signatures can be collected at the same time.

Can a signed document be emailed?

Yes. Once people sign your electronic document it can email confirmation to both you and the signer. Try our DEMO to see how it works.

How are signatures captured or stored?

Signatures are captured as an encoded text code. The following is an example of how this signature is actually captured. And our tool decodes it on demand to display it as visaul signature.


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