Responsive web development

We specialize in custom websites and web tool development, meaning all features and functionalities of your website are coded based on your visions and ideas.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic means the opposite of static. With the use of database-driven content management, your website can perform endless number of tasks.

E-Commerce Websites

Want to sell your products and services online? Setting up your online store could be much easier and closer than you might think.

Business Web Tools

Your business is as unique as your vision. As such, off-the-net (generic) tools may not exactly nail it. That's where we come in with custom solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

We have a fairly good understanding about how search engines work, namely Google, and can show you some good examples to prove it.

Responsive website and web tools development, Vancouver, Surrey and surrounding area, BC

Introducing GO Kit

What the heck is it?

GO Kit, short for GoOnline Kit, is an all-in-one, mobile-friendly, robust, very flexible and Google-optimized website creation tool written in PHP. It is highly configurable and customizable for one or all of the following online presence purposes:

  • Full scale e-commerce shopping cart / online store
  • Online products catalogue without actually selling online
  • Online donation site for fundraising or crowd-funding
  • Dynamic regular website for general business purpose
  • Membership or subscription based content management
  • Blog site for your daily blogging
  • All purpose CMS (content management system)
  • Photo gallery site with fully automated image compressor and processor that allows you to upload your high resolution photos directly from your source such as camera or smart phone
  • Automated before-and-after photo gallery management
  • Website that offers all of the above all-in-one

It is also worth mentioning that GO Kit is a near zero-dependency tool, meaning it does not depend on any 3rd party software versions, theme or plug-in specifications. In other words, there is no software to expire or become outdated resulting in forced upgrades (well, almost, as web technologies constantly evolve, and the industry-wide shift to new technologies may affect all websites sooner or later and obviously GO Kit will not be immune to it.)

* PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

What is it not?

It is not a WordPress. While we like WordPress, over the years as we worked on various different WordPress sites, we regularly faced with numerous challenges and limitations inherent in WordPress’ version differences, plug-ins or theme requirements. GO Kit was developed to address all those limitations of WordPress and offer more.

It is not a download and install-yourself package. We will have to develop your website by initially setting up GO Kit the way you want and configuring it based on your specific needs and requirements. We can also develop any additional unique customizations and features you may want.

Michael Cuccione Foundation | Childhood Cancer Research
Michael Cuccione Foundation
Giving Back "... has been a huge support in all aspects of website management for the Michael Cuccione Foundation for over 10 years. They developed and personalized an outstanding online donation website for Kick For A Cure. They also set up our automated tax receipt tool that has eliminated countless hours of doing them manually. They are wonderful to work with and are fast, efficient and conquer any challenges with websites above and beyond..." Gloria Cuccione, Executive Director Michael Cuccione Foundation | Childhood Cancer Research

Kung fu moves of the chihuahua

GO Kit features and functionalities

There are 3 main configuration modes for GO Kit: e-Commerce, Corporate / Business and Personal / Blogging. Each of these modes offers long list of features and functionalities.

e-Commerce Mode

Permanent customer accounts
Checkout without account
Allow product reviews
Vendors / brands management
Tax rates management by province
Custom shipping methods
Order total based shipping
Weight total based shipping
Destination based shipping
Quote for shipping per order
Product type / category based shipping
Free shipping for specific criteria
Allow pickup orders from store
Product attributes management
Promo / coupon codes management
Handling charge management
Tax excempt products
3-level product categories
Automated image uploader
Google friendly products page addresses
Copy product data with single click
Password and credit card encryption
Live credit card payment with Moneris
Live credit card payment with Beanstream
Manual credit card processing
HTML formatting product descriptions
Cut and paste externally formatted text
Built-in smart product search
Shopping-cart-like product inquiry
Featured products management
New arrivals management
Specials / sale items management
Show / hide price
Show out of stock products
Multiple images per product
Product video handling
Spec sheets attachment (PDF, .docx, etc.)
Warranty detail management
Products filtering by price range
Email a Friend feature
Printer friendly view of products
Products branding with company logo
And much much more...

Corporate / Business Mode

Flexible content sections creation
Content sub-sections management
Business profile and your services
Online payments for services
Online fund raising / crowdfunding
Past projects showcasing
News and events posting
Splash news / announcement setup
Staff-only area content management
Member-only area content management
Newsletter subscription
Newsletter designing
Newsletter sending to subscribers
Email a Friend content pages
Google-optimized content rendering
Social media profile integration
Live Twitter feeds and Facebook likes
Video library management
Photo albums / gallery management
Automated image uploader
Custom forms
Secure contact form
Anti spam email address encoding
Dialable phone numbers displaying
Graphing, charting and reporting
Any custom business tasks
And much much more...

Personal / Blogging Mode

Flexible topics management
Sub-divide topics further
Smart-search posts
Featured blog posts management
Mini photo gallery for posts
Link to external sources
Attach documents (PDF, .docx, etc.)
HTML format your blog content
Cut and paste externally formatted text
Photo albums / gallery management
Automated photo uploader
Auto archiving
Parallax effects configuration
Full screen sliders / carousel
Social media integration
Live Twitter feeds and Facebook likes
Secure contact forms
Newsletter subscription
Newsletter designing
Newsletter sending to subscribers
Email a Friend content pages
Google-optimized content rendering
Membership / subscription services
And much much more...

We specialize in custom websites and business web tools development.

Tell us your wish and we will build it for you

No matter how rough or sketchy your idea about your web project is, we would love to jump over the rocks with you to take a closer look and get crack at it.

Web-based business tools and applications development

Web-based business tools can automate endless number of processes, error-prone repeat tasks and manual operations, giving you the flexibility of running your business on-the-go. The following are some samples of web-automation business tools we built.

Business Tools you may need


100% cheat-proof employee time sheet tracking tool for businesses. All your employees need is a smartphone with a data plan.

Learn More


Allow your customers to sign or accept your service terms or quotes electronically on your website on their mobile devices or desktop computers.

Learn More


Whether it is your BEFORE and AFTER photo gallery or e-commerce site product catalogue, you can upload high resolution photos in seconds directly from your mobile devices or source medium.

Learn More

Graphs / Charts for Reporting

Interactive charts by Highcharts

Used by tens of thousands of developers and 61 out of the world's 100 largest companies, Highcharts is the simplest yet most flexible charting API on the market. We develop dynamic data feed layer applications for Highcharts that are easily integrated to your web projects, company databases and exported to various formats. Highcharts is free for non-commercial use.

And here are few examples of how Highcharts can make your data come alive!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a website developed?

No two projects are identical, thus costs vary. However, regardless of the scope of your website project, the following fixed costs are equally applied to all clients (as of ):

  • Domain Name Registration: It costs approximately $10/year for dot com domains and $12/year for Canadian dot ca domains. We can register your domains at no extra charge for you. You pay only registration fee charged by the ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited companies that handle domain registrations. Currently, our choice of Domain Name registrar is

  • Website Hosting Service: It starts from $5.49/month for 24 months hosting (total $131.76 for 2 years hosting). We can setup your web hosting account at no extra cost as part of your website designing process. Currently, our choice of Web Hosting Service providers are or

  • Secure Certificate (optional): If you plan on accepting credit card payments online or your website will be collecting any sensitive data about your customers, you will be required to have a Secure Certificate attached to your domain name. Basically, Secure Certificates allow your website to deliver content via an encrypted communication. Basic Secure Certificates cost as low as $39.99/year. We can set it up for you at no extra cost as part of your website designing process.

  • Website Building Cost: To be determined upon discussing the specific details of your web project with you.

What do I need to get started?

Any new website development project requires 2 assets be setup and configured: A domain name and a web hosting account. will be happy to assist you with setting these up for free, no strings attached and / or commitment expected from you. Just our way to show that we appreciate you have contacted us.

Can I register multiple domain names?

Yes. All your domains can point to the same website or different websites depending on your requirement. Registering multiple, similar domain names prevent your competitors from registering those similar domains and start diverting your business away from you. For example, if your business name is ABC Company and you have a domain name registered, then why not, if available, to register domain name as well? This way, no other compeition will be able to register the other alternative domain and possibly cause some confusion among your customers.

How long does it usually take to get my project completed?

It depends largely on the complexity of the new website structure and the amount of content provided by the client. Small and basic projects that don't require extensive programming or complex functionalities can be done in only few days. Whereas fully functional, dynamic, database-driven or e-commerce oriented web interface creation may take up to a month or more. With our robust GO Kit is ready to be deployed, most websites can be up and running in a week or two. We will be able to tell you the accurate timeframe once we learn more about specifics about your web development project.

Do I need to hire a "local" web developer?

Unless face-to-face interaction is vital for you, you do not need to be residing in the same geographical location as your web developer. has worked with local, as well as out of state/province, even international clients. Email and/or telephone communications are all it takes to coordinate your website project effectively regardless of your physical location.

Once my new website is developed, do you offer maintenance services afterwards?

Yes. We will be happy to look after your website on a regular basis after it is developed. You can completely outsource your website maintenance tasks to us. For a modest monthly fee or an hourly rate we can do any update/maintenance you may require as you run your business online. Actual fee amount is determined based upon the amount of work involved, thus it varies from customer to customer.

What is GO Kit?

It is the library of various specific solutions from which we can choose, mix and match to setup countless number of different websites and online tools that our clients require. Many of the features included in the GO Kit are a result of our chronicled solutions to address WordPress challenges and problems submitted to us by our clients who used WordPress sites over the years. In layman’s terms, it is nothing more than the list of ingredients required to cook that taste-bud-rewarding meal you might be craving for right at this moment! In a techy lingo, it is a structured compilation of functions, codes and modules that can be sliced and diced anyway we want to meet our clients’ unique requests and business requirements.

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